The World Engineering Day for Sustainable Development 2023 (WED2023) with its annual theme of “Engineering innovation for a more resilient world” was celebrated last Saturday 4th March 2023. The European Council of Civil Engineers (ECCE) actively participated in the celebration of the WED2023, taking part in the International Conference Engineering the Cities of the Future that was held in Madrid, 2-3 March 2023 organized by the Institute of Engineering of Spain, WFEO and the MWCC with the sponsorship of UNESCO's Spanish National Committee.

World Council of Civil Engineers (WCCE) and the European Council of Civil Engineers presented their 3S Approach joint initiative [EN|ES] , which aims to raise awareness on the need for "Safe - Sound - Sustainable" (3S) buildings, which can be fulfilled by integrating a structural/seismic upgrade of the existing buildings together with energy efficiency improvements. Based on ECCE's original initiative from 2020, a joint ECCE – WCCE group reviewed and updated the 3S Approach Manifesto and Executive Summary.

Both ECCE and WCCE aspire to continue their efforts in the future to ensure the sustainability of the existing building stock in the world and contribute to the Basic Human Right to adequate housing. Both organizations committed to continue fostering holistic approaches of renovation in support of the global policies and UN SDGs for a safe and sustainable world, as per the 3S Approach guidelines.

Check the 3S Approach Manifesto presentation on Youtube.  [+]

Enclosures: 3S Approach “Safe – Sound – Sustainable” buildings 2023 document [EN|ES] | 3S Executive Summary [EN]