Message from the president

It is a deep honour to have been elected to drive the course of our World Council until 2018. I would to thank all my predecessors, founding President  José Medem who passed away early in the year, Past President Emilio Colón and Tomás Sancho. All three have been committed assets to the progress of WCCE and will always have their role as during my presidency.

Every presidency is different. WCCE is strengthening his presence within the UN structure, but arrival is not the end but the beginning of such commitments. In a period as this, our mission, vision and values are today fully in force and honouring them we will contributing to the welfare of the civil engineering profession, and ultimately, to humankind.

A lot has been achieved by our profession until now, but we are responsible for addressing the future concerns for a better present. We need to include our considerations into decision makers presenting ourselves as trustful advisors to public and private matters.

Our profession is no longer ground for prima donnas but for team players. There are still lots of civil engineers and its organizations unaware of our initiative. We must show them our potential for them to get involved, independent to their origin or condition, on equal foot, contributing effectively to sustainable development and to improve living conditions of all mankind, managing the built and natural environment, through:

  • Sharing knowledge and experience
  • Application and transfer of technical skills
  • Showing society the importance of civil engineering and its good practice

We need to make WCCE a catalyst for discussion, a technology transfer channel, and a champion of ethical and profesional standards. It is our intention to enhance co-operation between civil engineering organizations, contribute to upgrade their capacity building, to vindicate the role of women in engineering and foster our profession among youngsters. We are committed to safeguard the quality of life, promoting health and safety. In a nutshell, we want to present the civil engineering professionals as sound, inspirational and reliable leaders, putting their imagination and creativity to work to address successfully the important challenges of our community.

It has taken a huge effort to get here. Yet, it is a long way which needs to be walked with the help of our fellow civil engineering colleagues, either individually or through the organizations and companies all over the world. All together, sure we can.

 Alfonso González
September, 2015