Message from the president

Following the dedication of those who preceded me in WCCE Presidency, it´s a proud privilege to begin this mandate. The best way to do it and to achieve our purposes, as everything in our lives and mainly in our professional activities, is to work together with those that are engaged in the same project and goals.
Therefore with the new President Elect, Ing. Jorge Abramian, the Treasurer, Ing. Oscar Sanchez, and with the collaboration of all the Past Presidents, namely Ing. Alfonso Gonzalez, we will conduct this new 2018/2021 mandate.
Civil engineering is one of the most important and respected activities in the world and Civil Engineers are fundamental players of growing and wellbeing, but also one of the most affected with the recent world financial crisis. In fact, historically, whatever the nation, our activity has been crucial for development and growing, what remains, because in a large part of the world the basic needs, utilities and infrastructures are still a mirage. In addition, we are respected professionals who deserve public trust, which implies a solid academic background and special auto requirement on ethical and behavioural principles.
Worldwide we are facing great achievements, but also great challenges, due to technological evolutions and global interactivity, what requires adaptation to these global tasks and continuous professional development.
But although these fast technological developments will change very quickly our future, we can´t forget the essential, that is civil engineers must guarantee their contribution to improve living conditions for all mankind, and this can more easily be achieved if Civil Engineers worldwide share their knowledge and experience in the application of technical progress to economic and social advancement throughout the world, as referred in the WCCE Mission.
In other hand, the activities of Civil engineers nowadays have new requirements that cannot be ignored and with which we must deal and be involved, like climate changes and generally all the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), that require civil engineering, as well the increasing involvement of women in engineering and appealing to young people for such a noble career.
As citizens of a global world, civil engineers cannot ignore the problems that affect Humanity, such as poverty, refugees and migrants due to their inherent social responsibility.
Regarding to present and future of WCCE, that has so important targets and core values, we must enlarge our influence and worldwide presence, motivating the affiliation of new members through the demonstration of the real reasons to become a new pair.
Looking towards, a new model and a strategic plan must be developed and submitted to discussion.
WCCE will pursue the relations with UN and UNESCO and with all the relevant international and national players, as part of our large family.
To conclude, it is my duty to leave a word of respect to the memory of the WCCE founding President, Ing José Medem, which continues to be a distinguished reference for all of us.

Carlos Mineiro Aires
September 2018