WCCE has several membership grades both for organizations and individuals:
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Organizations, Institutions & Associations

Full Members

National MembersΒ 
Organizations, Institutions, Associations representing Civil Engineers from all countries around the world.

International MembersΒ 
Umbrella Organizations related to Civil Engineers, involving two or more countries.


Sectorial AssociationsΒ 
International Sectorial Organizations related to/acting in Civil EngineeringΒ 

NGOs and Academic institutions
International organisations addressing Civil Engineering-based challenges anywhere in the world, usually concerned especially with developing countries. This category also includes any academic or educational institution related to civil engineering educationΒ 

Corporate MembersΒ 
Any company, directly or indirectly related to/acting in Civil Engineering, at National, Regional and International level, Consultants, Contractors, Transport, Auxiliaries, etc.


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Membership grades

with a significant professional career as Civil Engineers.Β 

Civil Engineering ProfessionalsΒ entitled to practice in any country.

Civil EngineeringΒ  StudentsΒ enroled in any higher education civil engineering course in any country.


Civil Engineering
Β - 20 € 

Civil Engineering
- 4 €