WCCE's General Assembly is the supreme governing body of WCCE and will meet ordinarily once a year. WCCE initiatives are directed in between General Assemblies by its Executive Committee, who meets at least quarterly through web or telephone conferences. WCCE daily business is conducted by its Executive Director, under the responsibility of the President, in accordance with the directions of the General Assembly and the Executive Committee. The Executive Director is an ex-officio member of the Executive Committee with no voting rights.

The current Executive Committee members, as elected during WCCE's 13th General Assembly held in Sucre, Bolivia in September 2018 are the following:

Standing Committees

Standing Committee creation require the approval of the General Assembly, on the recommendation of the Executive Committee. They shall be formed in an area with specific interest to Civil Engineering and with a balanced membership participation. Standing Committees are appointed for a three year period, renewable for another equal period, altogether six years maximum. A new host country will be appointed after such period. Each Standing Committee will be hosted by a National Member organization, providing  the Chairperson and Secretary of the Committee and will assume any expenses regarding the Standing Committees. Standing Committees Chairs become Executive Committee members as Vice Presidents, holding such office during his Standing Committee chairing period.

Continental representatives