WCCE will show innovative projects uploaded by WCCE individual members or civil engineers from its member organizations. The project doesn't need to be large or expensive but should provide a particularly innovative aspect or methodology applied during its  design, construction or operation phases. Submissions will be assessed and after being validated, they will be added to the showcase 🎞 here. Credits and contact information of the author will be included. To upload your proposal, fill in the form below.

Submission guidelines

Who may submit?

Engineers who belong to a member country and have participated in the submitted project (any role).

Supported projects

Any type of civil engineering project, master plans, studies, surveys, etc. They may relate to physical studies, design, or construction aspects. The submission should focus only on the innovative aspects. Only a brief description of the entire project is required. 


Please add an internet address to the uploaded photos. Photos over 300px may have problems in their rendering.